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Legend Sangkuriang

        In ancient times, There is the story of a king's daughter in West Java called Dayang Sumbi. He has a son named Sangkuriang. One day he hunts and Sangkuriang is very fond of hunting with the company of Tumang, the beloved dog of the palace. Sangkuriang did not know that the dog was a god and her father.

      At the time of hunting Sangkuriang see a deer.Sangkuriang remembered his mother very like deer. finally Sangkuriang telling tumang to chase the deer but deer lose track of the deer and Sangkuriang was angry, Then Sangkuriang kills the tumang and take his heart then given the liver of the stomach to be cooked , Then his mother asked the Sangkuriang where the existence of the langkas Sangkuriang answer the mother's question if he had killed the tumang, and his mother beat and drove him away.

      After that incident, Dayang Sumbi deeply regrets himself. He always prayed and was very diligent ascetic. Once upon a time, the gods gave him a gift. He will be forever young and has eternal beauty. After years of wandering, Sangkuriang finally intends to return to his homeland. Once there, the kingdom has changed completely. There he encountered a beautiful girl, who is none other than Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang was fascinated by her beauty then, Sangkuriang proposed to her. Because the young man was very handsome, Dayang Sumbi was very fascinated by him.

        One day Sangkuriang asked to say goodbye to hunt. He asks Dayang Sumbi for the tidying of his headband. What a surprise Dayang Sumbi when he saw the scar on the head of her future husband. The wound was exactly like the wound of his son who had gone abroad. After much attention, it turns out the boy's face is very similar to his son's face. He became very frightened. So then he sought the effort to thwart the process of the proposal. He proposed two conditions. First, he asked the young man to stem the Citarum river. And second, he asked Sangkuriang to make a big boat to cross the river. Both conditions must be met before dawn.
      That night Sangkuriang did tapa. With his magic he mobilized supernatural beings to help complete the work. Dayang Sumbi was secretly peeping at the job. As the work was nearing completion, Dayang Sumbi ordered his troops to roll out red silk fabrics east of the city. When watching the color of red in the east of the city, Sangkuriang thought the day was early morning. He stopped his work. He was very angry because it meant he could not fulfill the requirements of Dayang Sumbi.

       With his strength he breaks down the dam he makes. A great flood swept through the city. He then kicked a large canoe that made Sangkuriang martyrdom died because of falling. The canoe floated and fell into a mountain called "Tangkuban Perahu."

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