Sabtu, 26 Agustus 2017


The moral message I can conclude
Flim Alangkah lucunya Negeri ini

     The Importance of Education in Changing Lives, So We Gain Better. And some people think that education is not important because there are some constraints factors such as economic factors, polotics, and social.

       We need to be aware that education is our basic capital to achieve the goals and progress of life, If we have an education we will know what an education is, people who must have much knowledge and talk about the global.

   Who have our education should take advantage of it well, what we can during our education must be for those in need, because not everyone is lucky like us.

      And with our education we will be free from the ignorance and poverty that as we see in Indonesia especially.

Selasa, 22 Agustus 2017



As if this mouth could not say 

When you remember father 

Dad is everything for us 

Father is a figure who should be proud


 Father's Prayer 

Father support 

Father sacrifice


Dad never got in guiding us 

Teaches the child's father.

By: Hardaintiaro Harahap

Sabtu, 19 Agustus 2017


Being a rich and wise Muslim 

      One of the factors that cause Islam no longer has fangs in the world arena is the economic factor. And not a minimum of resources, be it human resources and natural resources, but the paradigm of Muslim society that assume this world is just a stopover. Happiness in the world is not an essence. If you want to get a heaven in the afterlife, then the world's misery is no longer meaningful and we as muslim start a business that must be with Islamic Shari'ah and accompanied by strong intention and prayer.


The meaning of Islam 

     Islam according to iughat is submissive or submit ourselves whereas according to Islamic law is submission and obedience, How do we absolute self to ALLAH SWT by submitting and strengthening with a devout attitude to him and mengimani all the teachings of his Apostles.

         Pillars of Islam
  •  Successful tweets
  •  Sholat five times a day a night 
  •  Paying Zakat
  •  Province in the holy month of Ramadhan 
  •  Hajj for the capable person



   6 challenges personality

 1. Understandin personality
           According to Gordon Willard allport keperibadian is a dynamic organization in the individual    and the behavior of one's thinking.

 2. healthy personal characteristics
         In a healthy person usually has a relatively small childhood, and a    healthy person is not        limited from our unique weaknesses and greediness. 

        Characteristic personality
         Extinction of feeling 
         Mature personality has karektar
         Self-acceptance
         Have a realistic perception 
         Insight and humor 
         Integral life philosophy. 

 3. Factors that affect personality person 
        Insight factors, Genetic such as skin color, eye and others. 
        Environmental factors.

 4. Self-knowledge

 5. self-concept Self-concept is how one judges oneself and sees others.

 6. Personal responsibility.
       People who have given us trust and we must be responsible for it

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017



Materials and tools
1. 1 kg of glutinous rice
2. 1 liter Coconut Coconut (which is thick)
3. Salt taste
4. Sufficient Bamboo / Young Reed
5. To taste banana leaves
6. Knife
7. Pans
8. Firewood.

How to make lemang
  •  Wash glutinous rice until clean. In order for the results are more optimally washed and then soaked for 4 hours. Then wash again a clean and drain.
  •   After washing and draining mix with salt and coconut milk. Then stir well to mix perfectly. And set aside
  • Next take bamboo then clean the outside and inside. Then seal the inside of the bamboo with young banana leaves, let the banana leaves more on the bamboo shoots. How, banana leaves rolled first and then input into the inside of bamboo using a bamboo clamp.
  •   Enter the sticky rice that has been mixed with coconut milk and salt earlier into the bamboo. Do not fill the rice sticky rice is too full into bamboo, just fill 3/4 of its part only then cover with banana leaf more dipucuk ago then close, then cover again the top of bamboo with banana leaves rolled as bambunya cover.
  •   Bakang lemang on hot coals hot enough with the position of bamboo towards the top but rather tilted.
  •   In order to quickly mature, twist the bamboo.
  • After the lemon is cooked, wait a while until it is not too hot. Then lemang removed from bamboo, by splitting the bamboo and then cut into slices and ready to serve.
  • Enjoy and try. !!


  • Letterhead
  • The date of the letter No : (No sort / Company name / Date / Year.
  • Appendix :1 (one) sheet
  • Thing : invite
  • Destination address
           -Mr Leader Pt
           -In order tO
  • Greetings
  • Signature
  • Name
  • Identityaa