Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017


Benefits of Orange to Keep Weight.

           The sour taste of citrus fruits comes from the content of vitamin C it has, which mengungai fat to burn. If we want to have a slim body, we should try to consume citrus fruits that taste sour. But be careful, in consuming citrus fruits should not be excessive because it can affect the stomach when eating in large quantities. There are several types of citrus fruits that contain vitamin C which amounts more than the citrus fruit in general, and can make our weight was kept awake and make our body can get a slim and healthy body. And if you have a blood pressure problem that is less stable, then multiply consuming a lemon. Because citrus fruits contain flavonoids that can make blood pressure more stable. Of course very useful for you who suffer from high blood pressure. By eating citrus fruit regularly, then you will get a lot of benefits citrus fruit.

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