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5 How to Healthy Living Ala Rasulullah
 Applied During His Life.
  1. Sitting While Eating And Drinking
         While eating or drinking, Rasulullah always sit daam live it. When a person is seated, medically the cavity in the digestive system (stomach) is different when a person is in a standing position. The cavities in the digestive system become more open so then when the food or drink is swallowed then the digestive system of our body is ready to accept it. And when the digestion of food is ready to accept then there is no compulsion to the digestive system to work hard. When eating and drinking is done in stand then the valve in the digestive system is not fully open when sehingganya Food and beverages come then the digestive system will work hard to digest and if it tarus lasts long digestive system becomes weak so then cause health problems at someone.
     2. Diligent Fasting
         In living his life, Rasulullah always do Fast Sunnah. In addition to Ramadan fasting many Muslims who do sunnah fasting especially on Monday and Thursday. For Muslims, in addition to getting a reward it was medically even fasting is very important for the physical and psychological health of a person. When fasting the performance of organs will become more relaxed and calm so that emotions more easily controlled and the mind away from stress. And in the health of the body, Fasting will control the amount of food and beverages in the body becomes more regular and not excessively thus the performance of the digestive organs will run well and well.
    3.Eating Using the Right Hand
        Even during the life of the Prophet saw has had natural utensils such as vessels or other, but when eating Rasulullah saw always use his right hand and this became the sunnah of many Muslims. It should be noted that medical research results, right-handed movements during left nerves of the left brain will continue to work and are always active. It works to train and keep the left brain generating constant focus and always active.
   4. Balance of Body Break Time
      The body is strongly recommended to rest enough. It turns out that Rasulullah has applied it during his life. Then how did Rasulullah do it? Every day Rasullah Saw shares time in his activities and still provides a balance for the body to be in rest. Prophet Muhammad SAW always divides time into three parts, where 1/3 of time is used for world affairs, then 1/3 is used for the affairs of the hereafter (worship) and the last 1/3 is used to rest.e of Body Break Time

   5.Eat Before Hungry and Stop Before Cool
      Consuming good food and halal, the Messenger of Allah has set an example for healthy living by eating before hunger and stop before the stomach is full. This means a person is required to eat not excessively.

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