Selasa, 09 Mei 2017


   There is a man stranded in a desert, and he walk looking for water . He walk until enter the forest and findl  out there is a puddle of water , drink the water and suddenly back to desert . He walk again to find the pond again. But when he want to drink, he back to deserd again. And then he walk throught and found the water , but he ignore . He stop to car , the driver also gives a ride and offer drink to the man . But the man would not the drink.

      And then he arrived at home and lay down at couch, he see water faucet and filled with water and ice cubes. He then tosted it two rice the three. He drink all, after that he realized that he drink sand. He walk to some place and sit. Suddenly a girl walked in front of  him, he asked fore some water. And the girl said" this water for my dog . If you want it you can take inthe bad room.

       "The conclusion is, don't be stengy to other people.

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  1. I know what do You mean, but i can not find the ending of this story 😯
    _don't be "stengy" ? . "Stingy" right? 😀

  2. Yes i forgot. I will improve the next article. :) :)