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   6 challenges personality

 1. Understandin personality
           According to Gordon Willard allport keperibadian is a dynamic organization in the individual    and the behavior of one's thinking.

 2. healthy personal characteristics
         In a healthy person usually has a relatively small childhood, and a    healthy person is not        limited from our unique weaknesses and greediness. 

        Characteristic personality
         Extinction of feeling 
         Mature personality has karektar
         Self-acceptance
         Have a realistic perception 
         Insight and humor 
         Integral life philosophy. 

 3. Factors that affect personality person 
        Insight factors, Genetic such as skin color, eye and others. 
        Environmental factors.

 4. Self-knowledge

 5. self-concept Self-concept is how one judges oneself and sees others.

 6. Personal responsibility.
       People who have given us trust and we must be responsible for it

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