Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017



Materials and tools
1. 1 kg of glutinous rice
2. 1 liter Coconut Coconut (which is thick)
3. Salt taste
4. Sufficient Bamboo / Young Reed
5. To taste banana leaves
6. Knife
7. Pans
8. Firewood.

How to make lemang
  •  Wash glutinous rice until clean. In order for the results are more optimally washed and then soaked for 4 hours. Then wash again a clean and drain.
  •   After washing and draining mix with salt and coconut milk. Then stir well to mix perfectly. And set aside
  • Next take bamboo then clean the outside and inside. Then seal the inside of the bamboo with young banana leaves, let the banana leaves more on the bamboo shoots. How, banana leaves rolled first and then input into the inside of bamboo using a bamboo clamp.
  •   Enter the sticky rice that has been mixed with coconut milk and salt earlier into the bamboo. Do not fill the rice sticky rice is too full into bamboo, just fill 3/4 of its part only then cover with banana leaf more dipucuk ago then close, then cover again the top of bamboo with banana leaves rolled as bambunya cover.
  •   Bakang lemang on hot coals hot enough with the position of bamboo towards the top but rather tilted.
  •   In order to quickly mature, twist the bamboo.
  • After the lemon is cooked, wait a while until it is not too hot. Then lemang removed from bamboo, by splitting the bamboo and then cut into slices and ready to serve.
  • Enjoy and try. !!

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