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The origin of kolintang.

      In ancient times, In the Minahasa region of north Sulawesi there is a village called to un rang.And the place is known as Tandono. There is a beautiful girl in the village, her beauty is well known to the whole village, she is named Lintang, she likes to sing in a sweet and loud voice.

       There is a young man named Makasagi, who want to apply for latitude, but latitude asks a requirement to Makasagi for Makasagi looking for a good and melodious musical instruments, Then Makasagi receive the request, soon Makasagi rushed immediately to find the instrument requested latitude, and Makasagi Always in and out to find the instrument.

    One night, makasagi despair because he did not get the request of the Lintang, But Makasagi see dry wood then Makasagi split the wood and threw it into the middle of the fire,Arriving the Makasagi hear a sweet sound from the middle of the fire, Makasagi curious with the sound and then he approached the fire, it sounds came from the fire or wood thrown the middle of the center, Blessing and persistence Makasagi he can make musical instruments and on demand Lintang.

      Wait fondly, During the search for the musical instrument Makasagi not eat and not drink during Makasagi in the forest,There were two young men who saw the magasaka lying limp under the tree, the two young men carrying a cross-sectional magazine with a stretcher. But until the village shortly after Magasaki died. Lintang very sad and shortly afterwards Lintang also died. The musical instrument that made the Magasaka for Lintang but  now Lintang also has died. The instrument is known as Kolintang.

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