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    In ancient times, live mother and child (Sampuraga), In the remote village. Next day the Sampuraga ask permission to his mother to wander.But her mother did not allow the Sampuraga because of her old mother's condition, but the village remained with a group of friends who wanted to go to wander or make money, then her mother allowed and provided lunches during the trip.

       Day after month, months are not waiting for the year sisampuraga mother said. Not long after the mother also menysul son, During his mother's journey through many obstacles such as: rushing river, and cave.Mother cuman eat rimbang during the journey, A few hours later the mother saw a crowded village, then the mother asked the people who are in the place.

The mother:
-Do you know my son who is called the Sampuraga?

Party Officer:
The richest daughter in the village is having a wedding with the Sampuraga.

The mother :
-Is that my child?

Party officer: 
-The guard did not believe in the mother, because before the Sampuraga married the richest daughter in the village, the Sampuraga said that her mother had died.
-Then the party keeper came to the house to tell the Sampuraga, That there was an elderly mother who claimed her son was the Sampuraga.

      The mother followed the party guard. Soon after that the Sampuraga came down from the house to see the old mother, while chasing her mother and did not admit that it was her mother, because her mother was poor.

     Sampuraga keeps evicting his mother, then her mother also prayed because hurt to see her child. Then the mother was answered, came the rain storm that swept across the village.

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